1. Headquarters
1.1. Raccoon School has given the rumors a service from the English (or іншої) education in groups or individually from the communication methods.
1.2. A document that pidtverzhu every year to reject services to the Center, є rallies rakhunok to pay for services. Rahunok rallies, the listener will follow the rules to the Center, which will automatically come up to the date before the Service Agreement.
1.3. One year of birth - 60 khvili.
1.4. The maximum number of hearing aids in the group is 9-10. The 11th person can come to the group for witnessing the vicladac of that all students of the group. Groups, in which there are less than 3 hearsay, can be closed or united with other groups.
2. Initial process
2.1. The initial process is viewed from the academic calendar.
2.2. Sign up to the groups to follow the results of the test lesson, which is binding for all new clients, or for the results of the test.
2.3. In case of inconsistency of the knowledge of the move, the move into the group can be more easily removed by stretching out the first time.
2.4. Rumors of goiters come and go to busy hours that gotuvati homework.
2.5. Yaksho Rumor will take the lead to take, win the auditorium for the prohannya viclacia.
2.6. Violation of discipline by hearsay children and children groups can be brought to death.
2.7. The part to borrow, missing is not to blame the school, not to see. At the occasion of the meeting of the circumstances, which can not be carried out to take no fault of the Vikonavts (make sure that the government is holy), it is not possible to miss the busy (one) not to be carried out, but to prepare for the process of such an event itself for at the Rose Club on P'yatnitsy.
2.8. The initial process of transferring to the intermediate progressive testing and victories of the decision was taken about the transition to the onset of the season.
2.9. The initial process of transferring the rotation of victories. Rotation in one of the elements of school methodology.
2.10. The distribution of victories is planned to be distributed according to the academic vimogs. The school has the right to replace the victories with the group. With force majeure circumstances, a busy hour can be a sign of change.
2.11. Respect, tied with the methodology of victories, is addressed to deprive the administrator of all food, tied to the robot viclades.
2.12. The initial process will take place with the help of the sovereign saints and intensify so that the student will reject all the material for the course without sacrificing quality.
2.13. In case of transition to on-line navchannya (quarantine), School of work for the establishment of distribution. If there are technical faults on the side of the School, you may not be busy. At such a time, it is easy to see the sides of the School. However, it’s like the school is working in the offline mode (in the attached school), and the student has learned to be present at the lessons online (from the special world) and didn’t want to be connected before the lesson on-line - because of the busyness of the time a day in the іnshіy group (if such is evident)
2.14. Rivn vvazhaєtsya we will finish the deprivation of the successful writing of the final test. The hearer has the right to reject the Certificate, which is supposed to be a school for yogo drinking, at the end of a successful ending. The certificate means a number of actually two years before the beginning of my life.
2.15. The school has reserved the right to transfer lessons to on-line mode in case of force majeure circumstances, as well as a group of pratsyu in the format of individual lessons (2 lessons).
2.16. Individual busyness can be missed if the teacher's administrator is in the telephone mode 24 years before the ear of the lesson. It’s busy to skate day after day - it’s great, but it’s seen by the general public.

3. The procedure for paying for the sale
3.1. The part of the navchannya rallies for the graph in lines, indicated in the graph of payments. Servants are paid for with a ready-made or for a rosary rakhunok of the School. Membership of the chiefs should not enter until the beginning of the day.
3.2. Payment for a fee is approved by the administrator.
3.3. If the order of payment is violated, the rumor will not be allowed to work until the date of payment.
3.4. At the vipadku zmіn rozkladu, scho harass the busyness of the Rumor because of the school blame, the current payment, for the virahuvannya it is actually taken out, the Rumor has to turn around.
3.5. The turn of the rallying needs to the general public, welcome to the Rumor for witness, since the earliest days of the Rumor have passed no more than 7 (seven) calendar days, and the Rumor has motivated to write the reasons for the Kurdish people.
3.6. If the Rumor cannot continue to live for the unsettled circumstances, the school can be turned off to carry out and discuss the reasons.
3.7. Turning of the cards transferred to clause 3.5. that 3.6. Of the rules, to be deprived of the clearness of the written statement, documentary confirmation of the unreported conditions and passports of the Rumor chi Zamovnik of services.
3.8. In the success of the rallies that are not vicarious, the rumor doesn’t turn around and go to school for the visitor of statutory buildings.

4. Specially mind
4.1. In the event of a nutritional decision, to go beyond the boundaries of the Rules, the Rumor has the right to turn to the representative of the School Directorate and to discard the 3-day term.
4.2. All nutritional considerations are subject to the suspicion of prior legislation.
4.3. The school is not aware of the recognition of your personal donations according to the Law of Ukraine “On the protection of personal donations” dated 01.06.2010, No. 2297-VI, as amended on 30.01.2018.