DOGOVIR about the delivery of services from the vivchennya of the earthmovy (Contract of admission)

PHYSICAL SPECIAL - PIDPRIAMETS ALEXOVA TETIANA OLEKSANDRIVNA in the person of the headmaster of the Raccoon School, above the text - "Vikonavets", from one side,
a physical person (P.IB) _______________________________________________________ as with her actions she saw the idea of accepting the Agreement on the provision of services from the acceptance of the earthly movement (Agreement of acceptance), ", And kozhna okremo -" Side ", keruyuchis st. 634 of the Civil Code of Ukraine, they sent the Agreement on the provision of services from the vivchennya of the earthmovy (Contract of submission), above the text - "Agreement", about the offensive:
1.1 Student - Deputy, or a person named by the Deputy in the Application without a priori in the Viconavtsia.
1.2 Primary course - the form of giving the Viconavets the chiefs of the Servants for the introduction of the Earth's Movies to the Student.
1.3 Program - Potential The Parties are responsible for the order in which the chief servants are given, as the Viconavets are expected to Zamovnik.
2.1. The subject of the given Agreement is that the Viconavets give the chief services to the Student, who are directed to the advancement of the first year of the Volodymyr's earthly language, the vicorist's communal methodology (the text says “Services”), how to replace the child with the help of ...
2.2. We will agree to fit into the stowage at the moment of the meeting. The deputy director of the department, transferred to clause 2.3. Agreement.
2.3. Deputy Assistant Servant welcomed the acceptance of the Agreement on the basis of the knowledge of the minds and the Rules of the Victory Day, that the Victory in the out-of-the-way communication of the day of the coming days:
2.3.1. Insight into the weather from the beginning of the School.
2.3.2. Payment by the Deputy Servant of the Vikonavtsya.
2.4. Servants from vivchennya іnzemnoї movi nadayutsya The student on employment in a group or individually.
2.5. Vikonavets is the guarantor of structuring the course of the beginning, so that it grows according to the level of fallowness from the level of the volume of my life and to be related to the existing Table of Equivalents.
2.6. The maximum number of students in a group is 11 (eleven) people.
2.6.1. For the victory of all students of the group, there can be more than 1 (one) student before the start of the group.
2.6.2. Groups, in which there are less than 3 (three) students, can be closed or combined with other groups.
2.7. The specifics of the Programs (the triviality of 1 (one) ryvnya of the beginning and the number of early years), for which the Services are nada, are meant to be an ear of learning rock.
2.8. Individual employment is carried out after the hardened distribution. In the case of a busy schedule, payment for a new appointment will not be displayed and an additional hour will not be seen.
2.9. Talking about individual busyness can be less for 1 (one) add to the ear to take. For thinking of skasuvannya to borrow from a short term, you will get involved in such a way that the payment is due.
2.10. With the ear to take є the first busy at the distribution, and in the end - the rest of the busy at the distribution.

3.1. Vicone of the goiters:
3.1.1. advise the Student, clearly that in the obligation established for the general programs, the Service is ascertained to the minds of the given Agreement;
3.1.2. get in before the process of giving the Servants of the qualified victories;
3.1.3. to conduct a test lesson of the Student in front of the ear of the day. At the end of the lesson, inform the Zamovnik about the organizational level of the student's earthly language and give him all the information needed to disregard the Poslug. Sign up to groups to follow the results of the test lesson. if there is an inconsistency in the knowledge of the move, the move into the group can be more easily removed by holding out the first price.
3.1.4. take care of it in a timely manner, with the help of the distribution of the program, the conduct of the individual and the group to take from the Student;
3.1.5. after the completion of the preparation of the cutaneous ryven, carry out a progressive test, for the results of how the decision about the transition of the Student to the onset of the ryven will be taken;
3.1.6. for the alternate supply of the Deputy, at the end of the successful completion of the Student with more programs.
3.2 Vikonavets maє right:
3.2.1 cut off the payment for the Services according to the minds of the given Agreement;
3.2.2 change the hour before starting the process of victories without changing the Deputy prior to the method of Vikonavtsa;
3.2.3. pin the Servant to the Deputy in the destruction of his minds to the Treaty. Renovation of service
3.2.4. at whatever moment it is necessary to explain it to a student. A servant at a glance, it’s not possible for the Vikladachev to properly inspect their obligations, but for the students - to efficiently receive information. At such a cost, as a bully, the Deputy for the job of the Servant does not turn around;
3.2.5. change the hour, days, the format of the navchannya, having first called the Deputy for the victories by means of an electronic or telephone call;
3.2.6. to the Supreme Court of Justice of the Republic of Belarus, the third parties are requested to declare their obligations under the Agreement;
3.2.7. nadati to the Student, the necessary material and possession for the vivchennya of the earth's movin;
3.2.8. self-formatization of the group and the level of knowledge of students, їхній вік, the manifestation of good audiences, victories and other factors;
3.2.9. at the occasion of the meeting of the circumstances, which can not be carried out to borrow the Vikonavtsa (make sure that the government is not overpowering, the powers are holy) do not miss the busy (one) not to be carried out, but to prepare for the process of such an institution for at the Rose Club on P'yatnitsy.
3.2.10. completing the approval of the agreements, having reviewed the Proceedings of the Deputy for 7 (seven) calendar days, for the week of delivery of the postal, postal, electronic, facsimile or telephone calls.

3.3. Deputy of goiters:
3.3.1. vikonuvati home office or vykonannya vіkonannya vіdpovіy until the weather іf the Viconavets Programs from the Servant, with the help of shortening and closing the Servant to the Student;
3.3.2. dotrimuvatsya that vikonuvati hardened by Vikonavets Rules that vykonuvati that navchannya;
3.3.3. Every time it is placed before the Viconavts inventory, and in the case of the material being applied, the Viconavts must be given all due to the order established by the official legislation of Ukraine;

3.4. The deputy has the right:
3.4.1. otrimuvati vіd Vikonavtsya obviously that in the obsyazі, established for the general Programs, Poslugi;
3.4.2. otrimuvati vіd Vikonavtsya konsultatsії z drive vіdvonennya mastery nadanih Servant Vikonavets;
3.4.3. otrimaty the Certificate, which is supposed to be a Viconavets to the Deputy of the Deputy for his drink at the end of the successful completion by the Student with more Programs from the Servant;
3.4.4. Change for an hour or days for the next day of employment from the Vikonavets. Such changes can be taken in the event that the Viconauts have the ability to take care of the service of such changes;
3.4.5. otrimuvati need that reliable information about Vikonavtsya, the mode of the robot and the turn of the Service, as it is hoped;
3.4.6. otrimuvati znizzhki according to the loyalty system, broken down by the Vikonavets;
3.4.7. Completion of delivery of daniyas The agreement has been made about the Vikonavtsya for 7 (seven) days from the victorious period by means of a postal, postal, electronic, facsimile or telephone call, or a special tribute.

4.1. Servants from the vivchennya іnzemnoї movi are nadaut to the Deputy on the forefront of the payment basis, as long as the Vikonavets' prices are confirmed. Membership of the chiefs should not enter until the beginning of the day.
4.2. Sum to pay for the Servants to become a rakhunka-invoice, to form a Viconavets.
4.3. Payment The service is accepted in the national currency of Ukraine - hryvnia, in the case of the ready-made or unprepared form, by way of transfer to Vikonavtsia, the deputy of pennies on the rosary rakhunok.
4.4. Nadannya paid by the Deputy Servants zd_ysnyuєtsya only in the boundaries of the flowing rivnya navchannya that can not be transferred to the next rivnі.
4.5. If a student has a pass, take it out of any reason for rallying together;
4.6. In case of a student’s retention for employment, payment for the beginning of the day is not displayed, and the next hour is not visible.
4.7. The turn of the rallying points to the general obligation to ask the Deputy for a call, as long as 7 (seven) calendar days have passed since the beginning of the year, and the Deputy Viklav is motivated by the reasons for the messages and letters in the course of the course.
4.8. In case the Deputy cannot continue to live for the unfinished circumstances, the Viconavets can turn the cost for the time that the Servant has been removed (for the most part, without taking away the knowledge).
4.9. Turning of cats, transferred to p. P. 4.8. ta 4.9. The agreement, will be deprived of the lack of clarity of the written statement, documentary confirmation of the non-negotiated conditions, referred to in clause 4.9. Contract and passport of the Deputy.
4.10. In the vicissitudes of the rallies that are not vicarious, the deputy does not turn around and become vicarious for the viconious establishment of statutory buildings.

5.1. At the end of the day, there is a loss of goiters, which is due to the given Treaty, the Party does not have the responsibility, as stipulated by the Treaty and the relevant legislation of Ukraine.
5.1.1. Violations of the Treaty є yo not vikonannya or not validly vikonannya, tobto vikonannya to the ruined minds, by virtue of the wicked Treaty.
5.2. For the loss of lines of payment for the services provided, the deputy will consolidate the monthly subscription fee and also a penalty in the range of 300 (three hundred) hryvnias.
5.3. Payment of penalty sanctions is not zvіlnyaє The deputy is from the proper vikonannya who took the crop on himself according to the agreement.

6.1. Effort to argue about whether to come to terms with the Agreement, or whether they are linked from it, through negotiations between the Parties.
6.2. As it is, it is unfortunate that the dispute is passed over by the way of negotiations, it is guilty to follow the court order for the imposition of a court order and the case of such a dispute, which is justified by the legislation of Ukraine.

7.1. At the time of the circumstances of non-overwhelming force, so that the circumstances are not overridden, and the parties are not overridden by the will of the parties, and the Party could not effectively transfer and forgiveness, as it was the case that the parties had to change the terms of the term Gobov'yazan for the cim The Agreement will continue for an hour without overloading the force, or not more than 6 (six) months.
7.2. Until the end of the overwhelming force, there must be a change in and out of the way, earthlings, laws and regulations, taken by the organs of state power and self-regulation of normative legal acts and
7.3. The party that cannot afford the proper rank of the viconatie of its crops is bound by the Agreement on the basis of the conditions of non-overriding force, the crop is bound by a letter of authority to the party about the setting of the provisions of the ten days of the tenth term. (with additional evidence of such circumstances: a document seen by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine or the competent authority).
7.4. As soon as it is necessary to arrange the non-overwhelming force for more than 6 (six) months, the Parties, at the stage of mutual negotiations, will take into account the decision about the development of the Agreement.

8.1. Regarding the provisions of the Agreement, the Civil Code of Ukraine, the Laws of Ukraine "About copyright and general rights", "About information" , on all objects of intellectual power, on the hour of implementation of the Agreement by the Vikonavtsev, be sure to be victorious main rights, including those in statute 424 of the Civil Code of Ukraine’s law, on the basis of The establishment of such ob'ktіv at the general obsyazі should belong to Vikonavtsy.
8.2. The deputy has the right to vikoristovuvati materials viklyuchno for the purpose of vikonannya ts'ogo Treaty. With all the rights of intellectual power on the initial materials, they will be left with Vikonavts. It’s not guilty in this Agreement, as the transfer of any main rights of intellectual power by the Viconave to the initial materials and / or even sent such initial materials to the Viceroy for the purpose of the initial, without the agreement of visas.
8.3. Students just need to take an hour to take a bite to use their mobile phones and to ring the bell as the stench of vikoristovuyu not with sanctuary.

9.1. We will agree to fit into the stowage at the moment of the meeting. The deputy director of the department, transferred to clause 2.3. The agreement is given until the completion of the service for the specific Program, in other words, in the same versions transferred by the agreement.
9.2. In case of a decision that has been submitted to the Agreement between the Parties, no residual review has been carried out by the Parties, the review of the Agreement has not been submitted for review and the status of a residual review has not been carried out.

10.1. Tsey Contract vistupaє contract of admission to the standard of art. 634 of the Civil Code of Ukraine.
10.2. Vikonavets has the right to make changes and amendments to the Agreement by way of a new edition of the Agreement.
10.3. A new edition of the Agreement will be given dignity for the Storin in 3 (three) days from the date of the announcement by Vikonavets.
10.4. Signed to the Agreement The deputy nada Vikonavtsev for the year for the processing of his personal tributes in the order established by Art. 7 of the Law of Ukraine "On the acquisition of personal tributes", as well as the right to include their personal tributes to the single electronic base of hearing (students) Vikonavtsya.
10.5. Signed to the Agreement The deputy nada Vikonavtsev in the order of Art. Art. 307, 308 of the Civil Code of Ukraine for those who can be used by the Student on photos, films, TV and video. The photographs, the most artistic creation, on which the student is depicted, can be publicly shown, published, published by the Vikonavets in advertisements, primary and general purposes. With all the copyright and summaries of the rights to the removal of the photo and video material in whatever viewer and on whatever noses there are Vikonavtsev and you cannot be victorious without this image. Yakshho Zamovnik will reserve against the victorian image of the study on the materials specified, guilty in writing about the administrator Vikonavts, having stored in 2 copies, one for Storin.

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